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Added: 21 August 2016

Now that the sun is finally shining, we have swapped our Sunday roast dinners for spending the afternoon out on the driveway washing our pride and joys!
Canterbury Motoring World has put together a handy step-by-step guide on how to clean your car just like our very own valeters:

Step 1 – start off by rinsing your car with a hose pipe in order to remove loose dirt and grit.
Step 2 – here at Canterbury Motoring World we recommend using microfibre cloths to then carefully wash your car by working in circles with a quality car shampoo.
Step 3 – Don’t forget your wheels and tyres as well – its best to use a brush to remove the excess muck before using a separate sponge or cloth along with a special alloy wheel cleaner to scrub them until they are gleaming.
(TOP TIP: Remember that whatever materials you use for the wheels should not be used for the body of the car as this could easily cause damage to the paintwork.)
Step 4 – The next step for the exterior of the car is to rinse it off with fresh clean water from the hose pipe.
Step 5 – Then instead of leaving your car to dry naturally in the sun, we recommend using chamois leather to dry your vehicle in preparation for it to be waxed or polished. You only want to use polish if your paintwork has small scratches in it, but it is recommended to wax your car as this provides a protective coating to your paintwork whilst leaving a high shine finish which will make it look like it is fresh out the showroom.
span style="font-weight: bold; font-style: italic;">Step 6 - Next using proper automotive glass cleaner (not standard household cleaner) you need to wash the windows of your car, do this in small circles to prevent leaving smears.
Step 7 – Now to move your focus to the inside of your car, first off grab a bin bag and remove all the rubbish!
Step 8 – Hoover the whole of the interior of your car, remember to remove all removable maps so these can be vacuumed separately.
Step 9 – Then wipe down all hard surface with a slightly damp cloth, there should be no need for detergent or other cleaning products unless there are extreme soiled strains. Don’t forget to alos wipe down all trims and door sills! 

Step 10 – Lastly, grab a lovely smelling air freshener and give a couple sprays inside your car to give it that fresh new smell! 

Author: Rebecca McGinty