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Added: 08 November 2016

Which comes out on top: Petrol or Diesel Engines?!

In the blue corner, you have the petrol engine and in the red corner you have the diesel engine but which side of the ring do you favour?

Image result for petrol and diesel pumpUnlike previous years, the popularity of diesel engine cars is on the decline as many motorists in the UK are now favouring petrol cars. This could be due to the increase in fuel prices, the recent Volkswagen emissions scandal and the ever-growing concern regarding pollution, nonetheless, those buying themselves a new car are struck with this choice very early on in the car buying process.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

The three main factors to take into consideration when choosing which type of vehicle to purchase between petrol and diesel vehicles are its fuel economy, its running costs and your personal driving preferences.

Fuel Economy
Historically, diesel engines are seen as being dirty, smelly and unrefined but this is no longer much of an issue as diesel engines have evolved considerably. In fact, diesel engines tend to have a better fuel efficiency than their retrospective petrol model although here in the UK diesel fuel does cost more per litre than petrol. However, only those that do long journeys are likely to see the benefits of the diesel engines fuel efficiency as they take longer to warm up than a petrol engine does.

Running Costs
The UK’s road tax system is based on CO2 emissions so diesel cars do come out in favour here and are considered cheaper to run than petrol cars as a result of this. However, diesel engines are still guilty of aiding towards the pollution of our environment as they emit numerous other nasty fumes such as nitrous oxides. Although the running costs of the diesel cars tend to be marginally lower than those of their petrol counterparts, the initial price tag of most diesel cars is higher which is why diesel cars have a slightly higher resale value in today’s second hand car market.

Personal Driving Preferences
Diesel cars have a better overtaking power and towing ability than cars with petrol engines due to them having a lower speed torque allowing you to change through the gears earlier.  
In conclusion, the petrol versus diesel debate is pretty even sided with neither fuel type proving to be considerably better than the other as they both have many distinctive characteristics. After looking at the numerous advantages and disadvantages of both, here at Canterbury Motoring World we would advise that those who do a lot of short local journeys then a cheaper petrol car would be more than suitable but those that so a lot of motorway driving and cover a higher mileage would benefit more from a slightly more expensive diesel car. Having said this, it is ultimately all down to personal preference and with Canterbury Motoring World stocking a wide variety of petrol and diesel cars across a whole range of makes and models, with the help one of one our friendly sales staff you will be able to choose the most suitable car for you and your individual needs.

Author: Rebecca McGinty