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Added: 10 January 2017

There is no doubt that for most, the original and unique design of the Smart Car makes it either a vehicle that you love or simply despise.
The Smart car was originally a product designed by the Swiss watch makers, Swatch. Their vision was to produce a car holding the company’s name, “Swatchmobile”. In 1994 they teamed up with car manufacturers Mercedes in order to bring their concept to life. However, the relationship with Mercedes didn’t last long as conflicts regarding design and performance resulted in Swatch pulling out of the business venture and leaving Mercedes to continue.
Given the name Smart car, which stood for Swatch Mercedes Art, sales began in 1998 in nine different countries.

Following a positive reaction, Mercedes were confident that other models of the Smart car would have the same success and in 2003 released the Roadster and the Roadster Coupe, with a slightly bigger model following in 2004 called the Forfour. However, sales weren’t as high as expected forcing Mercedes to eventually just return to producing the original Smart car model after a few re-designs were made.

A huge selling point of the Smart car is unsurprisingly its size. Two first generation Smart cars are able to fit into one standard car parking space as the overall length is that of just 2.5m, the approximate width of a standard car parking space. Having said this, following its facelift the second generation was released at a slightly longer size of 2.6m! 
Here at Canterbury Motoring World, we have number of Smart cars in stock, you can take a look at our stock HERE!
See below both of the pros and cons of the Smart Car:

-  it is space saving
-  it is not as noisy as most other vehicles
-  it is environmentally friendly
-  atheistically it has a very modern design

-  it is unsuitable for driving on cross country terrains
-  the feel of the automated manual transmission takes some getting used to and isn’t for everyone
-  it is much smaller than other vehicles on the road which some drivers may find intimidating

Overall, at Canterbury Motoring World we believe that the Smart Car is never going to be a car that flies of the forecourt but the practically of the size of the car appeals highly to city workers and the recent return of the Forfour model has opened up the Smart car to the family market. You can now get a small, easy to park city car along with 5 doors and 4 seats!

Author: Rebecca McGinty